text from the catalogue of the 3rd Triennale of Pomeranian Art, which took place at the State Gallery in Sopot in January 2019
The award of the 3rd Triennale of Pomeranian Art in the Painting category goes to Alicja Kubicka for her courage, intransigence, momentum and consistency in releasing her own idea of painting 'immersed in painting'. The artist works with the medium aware of its own historical and artistic ballast, conceptually and technically rewrites it in a way that gives it new strenght and freshness. In her large and small format paintings, the recent graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk plays a peculiar game with the history of painting and its conventions, imaging, perception and psychology of seeing. Despite her young age and short presence on the artistic scene, she is mature - ideologically and methodically - creating images tasteful in colour, not devoid of a sense of humour, freedom and lightness. Kubicka's love of painting can be seen in the content and form of her visual representations and the sensitivity of working with colour. The works submitted for the Triennale - Pictura, Pictor Optimus, Adoration of the Lamb and DIY, all from 2018 - were painted unpretentiously, efficiently and with fantasy. The aura of Kubicka's artistic individuality emerges from her works.
Michał Jachuła