fot. Michał Szymończyk
Born in Bydgoszcz, Poland (1993).
By 2012 - 2017 student of Faculty of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, in the studio of basics led by Marek Model PhD and Sławomir Lipnicki PhD; degree work entitled Blowup was made under the direction of Prof. Krzysztof Gliszczyński; the annex for the degree entitled Catalogue was prepared in Przemysław Łopaciński's PhD drawing studio.
By 2016 - 2019 resident of Colony of Artists in Gdańsk.
Currently lives and works in Poznań, Poland.
Her works belong to private collections, as well as the collection of the Municipal Gallery bwa in Bydgoszcz.

Selected solo shows

mal, curated by Magdalena Pela, Mleczny Piotr, Gdańsk / September 2018;
Painters toolkit, curated by Karolina Pikosz, Bydgoszcz Municipal Gallery / April 2018;
Lasst du dich überraschen, curated by Agata Nowosielska, Galeria Żak, Gdańsk / January 2018;
One thinks that painting is somewhat facile or old-fashioned, curated by Sylwester Gałuszka, Colony of Artists (Dolne Miasto), Gdańsk / May 2017

Selected group shows

6th edition of Gdańsk Biennale of Art, Municipal Gallery in Gdańsk / December 2020-March 2021;
Exhibition of the 13th Geppert competition, BWA Wrocław / May - August 2020
A3, curated by Zuzanna Leśniak, Ewa Staśkiewicz, TuBaza, Gdynia / May 2019;
Acquisitions, Galeria Kantorek, Bydgoszcz / April 2019
Very well, curated by Sylwester Gałuszka, artists: Yui Akiyama, Paulina Jackowska, Tomasz Kaczyński, Edyta Kowalewska, Alicja Kubicka, Jakub Zając; Colony of Artists (Dolne Miasto), Gdańsk / January 2019;
Communication with everything that is, curated by Yui Akiyama, Cyryl Polaczek, Stefan Gierowski Foundation, Warsaw / April 2018;
Record completed, curated by Andrzej Karmasz, Marcin Zawicki, Armory of Art, Gdańsk / January 2018;
The Esteemed Graduates of Polish Academies of Fine Arts competition, Armory od Art, Gdańsk / July 2017;
close/far, curated by Maria Sasin, Gdańsk Municipal Gallery / December 2016.

Awards / other achievements
- laureate of the 3rd Triennale of Pomeranian Art in the category of painting, State Gallery of Art in Sopot / February 2019;
- winner of Grand Prix of PMS Świeża Krew competition, Galeria Socato, Wrocław / September 2017;
- representative of Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk at the 9th edition of The Esteemed Graduates of Polish Academies of Fine Arts competition, Armory od Art, Gdańsk / July 2017